Favourite Bike Trails In Toronto | Ryde Micromobility

While the inner city is having a bike revolution with new bike lanes and an e-bike explosion, Toronto has always been home to some of the best bike trails out there. From scenic Lakeshore rides, to beautiful green forests, Toronto has a trail for any and every kind of rider. Whether it’s your first time exploring, or you’re a seasoned rider, Toronto has something for everyone. Demon has compiled a list of our personal favourite trails, matching them with what we think would be the best E-bike for that trail so you can determine what trail may fit best for you, and your riding needs.

  1. Moccasin Trail Park

            Perfect for slow, casual rides with wildlife views, and colourful murals to check out. The path is paved, not too long, and there is almost no elevation. You can even hop off your bike once and while to admire your surroundings or even try looking for the old gothic house built in 1821. Demon has some phenomenal commuter bikes with some incredibly durable, long lasting batteries. In this situation, it feels good to have something easy to get on and off of. Maybe something a little more compact. Introducing Demon’s Rebel, the fold and go bike that’s ready for anything.

  1. Crothers Woods

            Down in the Ravines, this trail is excellent for adventuring mountain bikers seeking a challenge. The 10km dirt trail is wide,  with elevation and terrain changes to keep riders guessing and having fun. If you’re looking for a challenge not too far from home, Crothers Woods is the place for you. Demon’s Outlaw is our revolutionary E-Mountain Bike built to outlast and handle any and all terrain. With it’s sleek design and smooth transition technology, The Outlaw is sure to have you leaving everyone behind, owning your ride.

  1. Kay Gardner Beltline Trail

            An extensive 9KM trail with no obstacles. This trail can get muddy and slushy in the spring making for a phenomenally fun and free-feeling ride. Both connected and secluded from the noise of the city, this ride may be the perfect ride for those Weekend Daytime activities. Demon’s Argo encapsulates this feeling perfectly. The Argo is comfortable, sporty, and has the pep and endurance needed to handle tougher terrains, making it the perfect all around bike for all levels of riders. With a 250W motor and a 36VLithium Ion Battery, Demon’s Argo is impossible to ignore.

  1. Moore Park Ravine Trail Loop

            Rugged, muddy, and an absolute blast. This multi-elevation trail winds through the ravine, and into The Evergreen Brickworks Historic site, making it one of the more exciting trails in Toronto. With breathtaking views of the city, This is a trail you won’t want to miss, any time of the year. Demon’s Thunderbolt SL is the perfect bike for your all terrain all season long needs. Paired with Kinda Juggernaut Fat Tires, legendary Mozo suspension, and and a 500W motor, Thunderbolt will allow you to ride hard on the trails. This bike screams let’s get down and dirty.

  1. Martin Goodman Trail

            A True Toronto Classic. The ride might even take you a whole day, but it’s totally worth it. The trail follows along Toronto’s famous Lakeshore Waterfront and is a whopping 56KM long. On one end is the Rogue River in the east, on the west end is the highlight if the trip - The Hunter Bay Arch Bridge. The trail is also casual and flat, making it even more attractive for newer riders looking to go the distance. Demon’s Tronio is an incredible Step-Thru with a 250W motor and a 48V / 14Ah battery which makes the bike really go the distance before a recharge (70km).

  1. Toronto Island

            Every Torontonian’s favourite summer escape when you can’t escape…. escape. This quick getaway is easy to enjoy with so many sight to get you hopping on and off your bike. From their scenic beaches, cute cafe’s, and even a small amusement park, Toronto Island is the perfect getaway on short notice. Demon’s Escape is the perfect commuter for this. It’s got great Range (50km), tackles steep hills, speedy through flat runs, and incredibly comfortable. The Escape glides through tougher terrains, making it the perfect bike for all levels of riders.

  1. Humber River Recreational Trail

            Old bridges, impressive waterfalls, gardens, and striking sights to marvel at. The Humber River Recreational Trail is 19KM of striking sites, and unbelievable views that are easy to access (perfect for inexperienced riders looking to start ramping up the KM’s). The top of the park also has some solid trails perfect for Fat Tires.This park calls for Demon’s “Thunderbolt”. The “Thunderbolt” is outfitted with many of the same features as its big brother “Thunderbolt SL”. Equipped with a 48V / 10.4Ah battery the Thunderbolt can travel comfortably for up to 60Km before a charge. The advanced composite grade fork also makes this bike sprightly, and rugged for some serious maneuvering. Lightweight and a blast to rip around on, the Thunderbolt was made for trails like The Humber River.     

  1. High Park

            Sweeping views of the city, tons of trails to explore, a cute cafe, spring time cherry blossoms, Shakespear in the Park, a petting zoo… The list is endless in terms of things to do in High Park. Located on the west end of Toronto by Roncesvalles, High Park is the go to Park in the city. This gem is packed full of things to do, and discover with 400 Acres of land to take in. Paved roads, gravel trails, if you want it, High Parks got it. Find your way from Downton Toronto on Demon’s discreet and sleek “6ix” bike. Unbelievably Lightweight for an E-bike, the “6ix” is smooth, and simple to use. With a 36V battery built into it’s aluminium Alloy frame, this featherweight is powerful making for easy maneuvering and steering. Enjoy the ride and enjoy the sights High Park has to offer with Demon’s “6ix”.


  1. Lower Don Trail

            Truly connect yourself to the entire city from this iconic cycling path. The Don Valley itself is a lengthy 38 KM from head to tail and each length of this journey has something to admire. Start your Journey at the top from Younge and Yorkmills and make your way down to Corcktown. From here, the choice to head east to the Leslie Spit or continue along Lakeshore is yours. A hefty ride like this deserves a bike that can handle it. Demon’s “Phantom” is a versatile, powerful touring bike that’s made to go the distance. With a 48V Lithium Ion Battery, a 350W rear motor, 5 level pedal assist and an LCD Colour Display, “Phantom” is the master of distance and can propel riders further than they could have possibly imagined.

Journey’s End

            No matter the destination, length of trip, desire for exploration, and riders ability, Toronto has trails for everyone. With this in mind, Demon’s made sure to make a bike to support riders wants and needs. Whether you’re bombing down rugged terrain, or simply enjoying the view of the lake, Demon’s got an e-bike for everyone. It’s just a matter of feeling what’s right for you and your cycling needs. No matter the choice, Demon’s happy to help guide you forward to your best ride ever. Toronto’s waiting, it’s time to ride.